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What are we looking for?

Tutor crouching with clients and puppy

Our Puppy School Tutors come from all walks of life

Many are dog training professionals when they join us, with thriving careers as dog walkers, groomers, vet nurses or behaviourists. Others however come to us from doing a totally unrelated day job – we have teachers, accountants, personal assistants and managing directors running classes under the Puppy School franchise.
  • London Pet Show team

Whilst we do not require our new prospective tutors to have training experience, or to have run training classes previously, they will be expected to be able to demonstrate that they have extensive hands-on experience of working with a range of different types and breeds of dog. This can be gained by working, either in a professional capacity (more than six months as a veterinary nurse, kennel assistant in boarding kennels, dog walker, groomer or similar) or as a volunteer (more than one year of regular weekend work at a rescue shelter or similar).

  • Bill with family

A passion for training puppies using reward-based method and making it fun for both puppy and owner is required.  It is also essential that prospective tutors have a keen interest in animal behaviour. Additionally, it is essential that you are sociable and are able to get on well with people since you will be helping the owners to teach their puppies rather than only teaching the puppies themselves.  It is desirable, although not essential, to have some experience of speaking to, or teaching small groups.


A Puppy School tutor needs to:

  • 01 /
    have empathy, respect and concern for people and animals
  • 02 /
    be self-disciplined
  • 03 /
    be prepared to work outside regular hours
  • 04 /
    have high standards
  • 05 /
    be financially responsible
  • 06 /
    be able to take charge of a situation
  • 07 /
    be organised and computer-savvy
  • 08 /
    be fully on board with reward-based training
  • 09 /
    feel comfortable in social settings and speaking/teaching small groups
  • 10 /
    have plenty of patience and tolerance for others
Imogen Haley
I fell in love with the whole ethos of the company, from the emphasis on kind and reward based training to how welcoming the tutors were to me as a novice dog owner at the time.
Imogen Haley
Puppy School Tutor, Surrey & SW London