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Puppy School's Scholarship Programme

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How They Work

We are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of scholarships to worthy applicants. Scholarships are aimed at applicants for Puppy School tutor training who would otherwise, due to financial or other reasons, not be in a position to fund all of their training. Scholarships can be awarded for anything up to 50% of the tuition fee.

Our scholarships can only be applied for once a successful application is made so the first step is to complete and send us an application form.

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Conditions of scholarship applications:

  • Scholarships are available to new applicants only.
  • Puppy School’s decision is final and we are not able to discuss the reason for decisions with individuals
  • Applicants who are unsuccessful at securing a scholarship may be offered a place on a tutor training course at the full fee of £1,450 
  • Unsuccessful applicants wishing to re-apply for the scholarship must wait 12 months before submitting a further application
  • Scholarship offers are only valid for the next tutor training course and will not necessarily be carried over to future courses should an applicant be unable to attend the given dates

Applicants interested in pursuing a scholarship should let their Regional Manager know as soon as possible in the application process.

Scholarship applications will be made via an application form which will be provided by the Regional Manager following discussion with the applicant. The completed form will then be put forward to Head Office for approval and the applicant will know if this has been successful usually within a few days.

Tammy Dwight
"I am so excited about the future - becoming part of Puppy School is one of the best things I've ever done. I worked in financial services for 20 years when I was younger, but made the decision to change my life which started by traveling around Australia. When I returned, I set up my own dog walking business and I also co-ordinate a children's charity. These are dream roles for me, albeit less financially rewarding than my previous career. I decided to apply alongside my partner so that we could run classes together. We knew that the costs of undertaking training for both of us would be considerable so I applied for a scholarship. I was thrilled to be accepted as the reduction in fees meant that we would both be able to complete the training. Puppy School offers more than I could have hoped for and I am really looking forward to the next stage of the journey, running my own puppy classes. Thank you, Puppy School, for believing in me."
Tammy Dwight
Puppy School Tutor, Gloucester