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Franchise training costs and earning potential

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What are the costs involved in Puppy School?

Trainees are required to take the Puppy School Tutor Training Course. Successful students attain the Puppy School Tutors certificate which allows them to run a Puppy School franchise in their allocated territory. (Associate tutors, who run classes for full tutors on that tutor's territory, usually for an agreed payment, are also required to take the fully training course and attain the Puppy School Tutors certificate.)
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The training course (and Franchise Fee) to become a Puppy School Tutor is £1,450

Our training course to become a Puppy School tutor comprises nine plus days of top quality training; two days of introductory face-to-face training, 25 hours of live online tuition covering a range of topics from animal learning and puppy behaviour to dealing with the media and managing people, a 3-day practical course, and a further four months of correspondence course.

Accommodation and travel costs (courses are held in Worstershire, England) for the two residential courses will need to be met (one 2-day and one 3-day course), the rest can be done online and locally.  Some local travel will be needed to visit puppy classes and for purposes such as research (e.g. when viewing possible venues) and marketing.

Tutors are responsible for running their own business, with full training and backup support provided by Regional Managers and Puppy School Head Office (Associate Tutors work under and for full tutors and are not required to run their own business).

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In addition to the training fee, tutors agree to pay 20% of all course bookings to Puppy School in the form of their franchise fee.  This payment is taken at the time of booking, via the Puppy School central booking system, with the tutor receiving the remaining 80% of the booking fee.


How much can Puppy School Tutors earn?

Puppy School tutors set their own fees for classes (minimum of £60 for a six week course) with guidance given during their initial training course on what fee to choose and why.

The amount of money you can make as a Puppy School tutor depends upon several different things including the fee that you charge to clients, the cost of your hall, the number of puppies you take into a course (maximum of 8 puppies per course) and the goods which you choose to sell during your classes.

Please check out the table below which gives a rough approximation of what your earnings could be.

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Kim Hawley
I was drawn to PS because it gives you the opportunity to run your own business but you still get the feel and support of being with a bigger organisation so you have people to bounce ideas off and help improve your training. I love all the workshops and training events that I can attend within Puppy School, there's always something new to sign up to and get involved in. We are invited to attend a free 3-day behaviour course twice a year for the first three years of running classes and these are so helpful when you're just getting started in the business. In an industry like dog training, it's important to keep up to date with what is going on, and Puppy School helps me to do this.
Kim Hawley
Puppy School Tutor, Gloucester