Puppy School tutors are carefully selected to ensure they have experience with animals, good communication skills, empathy, compassion and respect for others. Tutors attend regular courses in animal behaviour and training techniques, and keep up to date with information that may be useful to pet dog owners. Puppy School classes are monitored regularly to ensure the highest standards.

Puppy School - Puppy Training Tutors

Tutor education

All Puppy School tutors have undertaken a comprehensive training course, comprising residential training courses as well as home study.

Courses in behaviour problem solving, run by Gwen Bailey, are attended twice a year to ensure the best advice is offered to owners with problem puppies.

Tutors are kept up to date with new ideas by regularly attending meeting including Puppy School conferences and exclusive Puppy School courses by leading trainers/behaviourists. In addition, tutors regularly attend seminars and conferences run by groups such as CABTSG, APBC, and BSAVA.

Practical experience

All tutors have acquired a great deal of practical hands-on experience with different breeds and types of dog before joining Puppy School, as well as owning dogs themselves. This helps to ensure that they will understand your particular puppy and can help you overcome any difficulty that may arise.

Qualifications and achievements

Puppy School Puppy Training QualificationsThe quality of the Puppy School tutors can be seen if you look through the profiles of individual tutors. As you will see, nearly all tutors have some form of further training in animal behaviour from accredited academic institutions. Many have a degree level education in animal behaviour and welfare, and many hold a Diploma or MSc in Companion Animal Behaviour and Counselling.

Some tutors have worked in rescue, some are volunteers involved in dog walking, home visiting or fostering. Some have worked with wolves, others have puppy walked for Guide Dogs. Some currently work as dog sitters or walkers, as vet nurses, vets, or dog wardens.

All own their own dogs, from Chinese Cresteds to Wolfhounds, and many compete in obedience, agility, heelwork to music, flyball and working trials. Some are also crazy enough to be involved in canicross and husky racing.

Many tutors are also involved in running classes for older puppies and dogs and some work as dog behaviourists, giving good advice to owners of problem pets.

*Due to the variable cost of the halls we hire to run our puppy classes, the cost for our Puppy School courses will vary from tutor to tutor. Please contact your local tutor here for course price information*. 

A network of knowledge

All tutors regularly contribute to the exclusive Puppy School forum where ideas and problems are discussed and solutions offered. Our tutors have a range of animal-related occupations, including veterinary nursing, pet sitting/walking, and being a dog warden, as well as hobbies such as dog agility, dog obedience, and husky racing. This leads to a wealth of knowledge which can be tapped into whenever necessary.