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Owner: Miriam
Tutor: Claire Luscombe
Class: Watcombe, Torquay


Six weeks proactive puppy training has equipped Ginny to take on the world in an appropriate manner for human's to appreciate her properly. Great work, thanks.


Owner: Holly Nunns
Tutor: Emily Mazon
Class: Brentford


Twinkle attended Emily's classes from the age of 14 weeks. I decided that puppy classes were essential as this was my first dog and with a 6 year old in the house, I wanted to ensure that Twinkle was trained properly and was a good family puppy.  The training was easy to understand, and even clear enough for our 6 year old, who loved attending the course. Emily made the classes easy to understand by using steps each week to build on the activity. Twinkle adapted really well, and has completely calmed down and is well behaved now, in comparison to a very over excited puppy that she was at the beginning.


Owner: Sue Elvin
Tutor: Faye Hasler
Class: Stoke Poges


I thought that you might like to see how much Barney has grown, he is really beautiful still as bouncy but loves other dogs and people. He is very respectful of older dogs and he is so gentle. He met another Tibetian Terrier at his next class and we have been walking together practically every day for 3 months which is lovely. We were very proud of him as he came third at the end of the session and was the youngest by 3 years, so your lesson's gave him ahead start.

 Bertie Labradoodle

Breed: Labradoodle
Owner: Tracy Slade
Tutor: Cushla Lamen
Class: Rowde, Wilts


After attending with our first dog last year, there was no question of where I was going to take Bertie - labradoodle number 2. Bertie is very food driven and Cushlas classes are just perfect. It's fantastic socialising for the puppies, they all love it, and the transformation in 6 weeks is amazing, all down to Cushla, I can't recommend her enough!