Owner's name: Zara & Debbie
Tutor's name: Delia Graham
Class: Loughborough

I wanted to go to Puppy School with Alfie so I could learn how to do lots of tricks, also so he knew I was boss and he had to listen to me. I also wanted us to have some fun so we could bond with each other. Alfie is a very cheeky chap with lots of character. When he got to Puppy School he always got very excited. On the first few sessions he was very vocal and barking / yapping. But then he started to settle down and stop barking. By week 3 he was settled and he was listening to what I was telling him to do. This was good to have some peace and quiet for once from Alfie. Alfie and I have learnt lots over the past few weeks.


Every lesson we learnt something new as Alfie is my first puppy so I didn'€™t know much at the start. Thank you Delia for teaching Alfie and I new things. I will carry on doing what you have taught me and hopefully I will learn more things.