Owner's name: Wendy Sender
Tutor's name: Pen Higgs
Class: Puppy Univeristy 


We are very grateful to Pen for helping us through a testing period with Zef, our boisterous 5-month-old labradoodle puppy, who was mouthy and jumpy and had difficulty settling...

The course was fun and informative and Pen gave helpful advice. We appreciated the clear, specific recommendations she gave to address any difficulties we were facing, along with recommendations of products that might help – it can be a minefield going online to work out which toys and puppy products to buy, and Pen’s recommendations were much appreciated.

At the end of the class we were given ‘homework’ to help develop useful skills, such as teaching our puppy to get used to a hair dryer – handy after a muddy walk! We shared videos of our homework with our group using WhatsApp, with Pen offering constructive advice.

We are delighted to see how Zef (and we!) has benefited from the classes. Thank you, Pen!