Owner's name: Emma Thompson
Tutor's name: Louise Williamson
Class: Chichester, West Sussex


I wanted to share my gratitude towards my puppy school tutor in Chichester, Louise Williamson. She has really gone above and beyond to help me in lockdown giving me lots of support, advice and positive encouragement... 

Having a puppy in lockdown has been really tough. We didn't plan to get Bobby our Border Terrier during the lockdown, but it the government announced another national lockdown one week before Bobby was due to arrive home with us. We got in touch with Louise at Puppy School and she has been so responsive to our needs. I was able to send her videos of the issues we were having with Bobby which included lots of barking on his walks. Today was the first time I have been able to walk him with our older border terrier and it's all down to Louise's positive encouragement and advice on what to do. Thank you Louise, you are a true gem in the Puppy School team!