Owner's name: Emma Edwards
Tutor's name: Gillian Irving
Class: Ferndown, Dorset


Our first puppy Millie joined Puppy School as an older puppy due to being put in lockdown just after we got her, she was just about 20 wks when we started with Gillian...

We started classes in person and when we turned up, we noticed that all the other pups were much younger. Due to COVID, we found it very difficult to get Millie into puppy classes when we first got her, but Gillian said she was still of a great age to train and mold into a super smart trained pup. The classes let us still have puppy interaction even though we were socially distanced - which is something we really needed as we were finding dog interaction hard during lockdown. Unfortunately, we did go back into a lockdown half way through the classes. We didn't really think Puppy School Online would work for us but surprisingly it was great! We still got a lot of useful tricks and knowledge being taught online. Gillian was amazing given the circumstances, and always made herself available if we needed some extra one on one training - which we did. She was so helpful - sending us videos and additional hand outs with extra information. She also set up a WhatsApp group for all puppy members in our class to share our weekly updates.

We are so happy with how our Millie's training is coming along! Even though it's not how it normally would be - we found these classes extremely helpful!