Owner's name: David 
Tutor's name: Suzanne Moores
Class: Woodley and Binfield, Berkshire 


In over 40 years of dog ownership all our puppies (7 of them) have been taken to a “puppy school” to socialise them with other dogs and people.  Suzanne Moores' Puppy School was far and away the very best puppy school we have attended.  The class size and age group of the puppies was just right.  

Lottie at 14 weeks was great with people but nervous and unsure around other dogs, especially if they were very bouncy. From the very first class everything was informative and fun for both owner and puppy. Although we considered ourselves knowledgeable dog owners used to training our dogs we still learned so much from Suzanne's classes.  If we were struggling with anything Suzanne would take time at the end of the class to go through ways to help us and even email further suggestions to us.  After 6 weeks every puppy in the class left confident in themselves and with other dogs and people, having learned basic commands and well on the way to being well trained.  We look forward to continuing our training with Lottie at Puppy University.