Owner's name: Louise Stewart-Murray
Tutor's name: Emily Mazon
Class: Brentford


We’ve just finished our 6 week course with Emily and I wanted to share just how thrilled we were. Binky is our first puppy and we knew that we had our hands full choosing a Beagle, but the skills we have learned at Puppy School have been absolutely invaluable. It was definitely as much about us learning, as Binky – and we had such fun doing it too. Binky started when she was 14 weeks old and really befitted from the socialisation with the other puppies. Although full of energy and confident around humans, Binky was more timid with other dogs and was very shy during the early weeks during socialisation sessions. On the last week it was so wonderful to see her rolling and bouncing around with the other puppies.

Emily’s approach was just perfect for us, she always gave us time to ask our individual questions and would make sure that all the puppies were progressing at their own individual pace. The sessions allowed enough practice of all the techniques so that we could continue the learning at home. The hand-outs at the end of each class were also really helpful for giving additional help and context.

I would (and will) highly recommend Emily and Puppy School to anyone.