Owner's name: Natalie Lovegrove
Tutor's name: Cushla Lamen
Class: Rowde

We have owned Alaskan Malamutes for quite a few years now and they all have one thing in common, they only do something if there is something in it for them!! An extremely intelligent breed and not one that can be easily fooled, even as a puppy! We believe that socialisation in those early weeks is absolutely critical for a Malamute puppy both with humans and other dogs. We decided that Puppy School was the way to go with their positive reward based training which suits the Malamute. Leo, our newest addition to the tribe, attended the full 6 week course back in winter 2012 he absolutely loved it and even now when we walk past the village hall he wants to go in!



Nearing teenage hood he is still a Puppy School role model,  loves all other dogs, and absolutely loves people of any variety. He is well on his way to completing his KC Good Citizen award and is doing very well in the show ring, we put this down largely to his foundation in those early years. Thank you to Cushla and thank you to Puppy School!! We recommend you to all future puppy owners.