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Owner's name: Debby Slade
Tutor's name: Frankie Lees
Class: Plymouth


I can highly recommend Puppy school. I have owned dogs for over forty years but I still learnt lots of invaluable informationto help with life with my new puppy. Puppy School was fun as well as informative. Betty and I both enjoyed them so much, thank you Puppy School and Frankie.

Owner's name: Annie Tredgold
Tutor's name: Sarah Treagus
Class: West Sussex


Puppy School's training classes were engaging and fun for both me and my puppy. Sarah was lovely, enthusiastic and not at all judgemental of any puppies behaviour. The syllabus teaches us exerices that I didn’t even think of teaching, which solved problems I didn’t think could be solved!...

Owner's name: Wendy Sender
Tutor's name: Pen Higgs
Class: Puppy Univeristy 


We are very grateful to Pen for helping us through a testing period with Zef, our boisterous 5-month-old labradoodle puppy, who was mouthy and jumpy and had difficulty settling...

Owner's name: Emma Thompson
Tutor's name: Louise Williamson
Class: Chichester, West Sussex


I wanted to share my gratitude towards my puppy school tutor in Chichester, Louise Williamson. She has really gone above and beyond to help me in lockdown giving me lots of support, advice and positive encouragement... 

Owner's name: Emma Edwards
Tutor's name: Gillian Irving
Class: Ferndown, Dorset


Our first puppy Millie joined Puppy School as an older puppy due to being put in lockdown just after we got her, she was just about 20 wks when we started with Gillian...

Owner's name: Laura and Allan 
Tutor's name: Karen Andrews
Class: Puppy School Herts, Beds and Bucks 



Karen and the team were so helpful and friendly and have helped to develop Luna with vital life skills. We had ongoing support in class, on the phone and additional tips by email. 

Owner's name: David 
Tutor's name: Suzanne Moores
Class: Woodley and Binfield, Berkshire 


In over 40 years of dog ownership all our puppies (7 of them) have been taken to a “puppy school” to socialise them with other dogs and people.  Suzanne Moores' Puppy School was far and away the very best puppy school we have attended.  The class size and age group of the puppies was just right.  

Owner's name: Ian
Tutor's name: Claire Luscombe
Class: Watcombe, Torquay


We have just completed a six week Puppy School course with Claire Luscombe and I would highly recommend going to these classes. Claire made our time with her fun as well as very informative.

Owner's name: Tanya
Tutor's name: Sam Price
Class: Flintshire


Trixie loved her experience at Puppy School. She learnt the etiquette of puppy life and I learnt lots as her owner ! It was wonderful for socialising with puppies and people. She has since gone on to other classes as life was not the same without Sam being in our weekly schedule.

Owner's name: Steph Thompson
Tutor's name: Alice Crick
Class: Stone, Gloucestershire


Every puppy should go to Puppy School. It's been amazing watching Dylan change from a quiet, shy puppy into a confident, sociable puppy, and all thanks to our brilliant trainer Alice. The classes were small enough to not feel overwhelmed but big enough to provide a fun and social environment. Nothing was too much trouble for Alice and each week she would bring vetbed and kongs and a large variety of treats to help the puppies settle and keep them interested. The support we recieved from Alice, even from outside the classes was outstanding and she was always willing to help no matter how silly the question!

Owner's name: Louise Stewart-Murray
Tutor's name: Emily Mazon
Class: Brentford


We’ve just finished our 6 week course with Emily and I wanted to share just how thrilled we were. Binky is our first puppy and we knew that we had our hands full choosing a Beagle, but the skills we have learned at Puppy School have been absolutely invaluable. It was definitely as much about us learning, as Binky – and we had such fun doing it too. Binky started when she was 14 weeks old and really befitted from the socialisation with the other puppies. Although full of energy and confident around humans, Binky was more timid with other dogs and was very shy during the early weeks during socialisation sessions. On the last week it was so wonderful to see her rolling and bouncing around with the other puppies.

Owner's name: Helen Fallowell
Tutor's name: Kirsty McQueen
Class: Glasgow


Zico was our first dog and despite all the reading when he first arrived I went from so excited to completely overwhelmed with not knowing what do with a little furry tusnami in our life. Kirsty was there from the start with support through email and the puppy classes. As a result I have gone from wanting to send him back to the breeder to just completing his good companion award. Classes have helped to have a well behaved dog and owner. It was also good fun and helped me to bond with Zico and to become my best pal. I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks Kirsty

Owner's name: Caroline Dighton
Tutor's name: Faye Hasler
Class: Stoke Poges

I wanted to write you you to let you know how wonderful I thought puppy school was. We finished the 6 week course and I can honestly say we're going to be lost without it! Faye Hasler, was absolutely fantastic. I really can't express how wonderful she was.  Not only is she a fantastic teacher and extremely knowledgeable, she is also such a lovely person. She always made class so much fun and always made sure everyone felt comfortable. Her teaching skills were exceptionally high, she was always very clear and concise ensuring we all understood her instructions. Sidney has really come on leaps and bounds since puppy school, we feel Faye has taught us so much and for that we are so grateful.

Owner's name: Natalie Lovegrove
Tutor's name: Cushla Lamen
Class: Rowde

We have owned Alaskan Malamutes for quite a few years now and they all have one thing in common, they only do something if there is something in it for them!! An extremely intelligent breed and not one that can be easily fooled, even as a puppy! We believe that socialisation in those early weeks is absolutely critical for a Malamute puppy both with humans and other dogs. We decided that Puppy School was the way to go with their positive reward based training which suits the Malamute. Leo, our newest addition to the tribe, attended the full 6 week course back in winter 2012 he absolutely loved it and even now when we walk past the village hall he wants to go in!


Owner's name: Alison & Roddy Wiltshire
Tutor's name: Tina Griffiths
Class: Cardiff

Billy's first night at Puppy School was hard work we couldn't even get him in through the door he was so shy and timid. Each week saw his confidence grow, and even though he was the smallest puppy in the class by the end of the course he was confident and happy to mix with the other puppies. Tina was an excellent tutor whose calm manner helped us all.

Breed: Pug
Owner: Bev Hoddinott
Tutor: Cushla Lamen
Class: Rowde, Wilts

I would just like to say how much I have enjoyed taking Wilma to classes with Cushla Lamen at Rowde. I have had 3 Boxers previously, never a pug and she is quite a strong character.

Owner: Andrea Collins
Tutor: Rachel Butler
Class: Tewkesbury

Archie started puppy classes as soon as he had his inoculations. We found the training and advice to be excellent. Rachel worked with us to ensure that we helped Archie socialise and mix with others and at times much bigger dogs, something which would have ordinarily have terrified us. Archie has developed into such a well behaved, good mannered and good natured dog. We are so very proud of him. Archie went on to graduate from Puppy School and achieve his Kennel Club Bronze and Silver awards (his Bronze award was taken at Crufts live, this was very stressful..but he did it!) and at 10 months old he was successful in his assessment to be a Pets as Therapy dog. We highly recommend Rachel and Puppy School.


Breed: West Highland White Terrier
Owner: Helen Catterall
Tutor: Shelley Aspden
Class: Chorley

I have attended 6 puppy training classes with my Westie Molly. We thoroughly enjoyed the training classes each week and Shelley made them a lot of fun. This is the first dog I have owned and I lacked confidence with regards to training, but Shelley was very encouraging and made me realise I could achieve success with patience, kindness and positive rewards. She always had lots of tasty treats & Molly particularly enjoyed the venison paddywack! It was also really useful to have the notes to refer back to. Shelley also gave me lots of advice about dog treats and helping Molly to become independent.

Owner: Susannah
Tutor: Shaun Kenvyn
Class: Llantarum


Louie enjoyed the whole 6 weeks, we learnt loads and had lots of awww's and laughs. The final lesson was such fun even though it was mayhem! Poor Louie is going to be very sad this Monday with no lesson to go to! We are definately going to sign up for the advance lessons. Thank you so much.


Owner: Kye Trim
Tutor: Jennie Smith
Class: Bournemouth


Ralph and I attended Puppy School with Jennie as our tutor. I would like to say how glad I am we went along. Ralph has benefited so much from the classes. Jennie is an excellent tutor with super patience. I would recommend Puppy School to anyone who has just got a new dog, or would like to improve on their behaviours. Ralph completed the first course in January and tonight received his bronze kennel club award. I would like to say a massive thanks to Jennie for all her help and support over the two courses and we are both looking forward to continuing in Ralph's success and move on to the silver award.