Puppy Advice

Getting a dog

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get a dog. Having a dog in your life is great but they’re also a huge commitment and will change your life. Here are some things to help you prepare for getting a dog.

Happy yellow labrador dog being stroked by new owner in a park
  • Relaxed golden retriever dog being petted in new home

How to get a dog

Find out about the different ways you can get a puppy or dog.

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  • Adopted rescue dog looking up happily at new owner on grass

Adopting a dog

How to give a home to a dog that has been previously owned or rescued.

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  • Owner holds young puppy in arms

Buying a puppy

Read our guides to help you find and safely buy your perfect puppy

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  • Puppy resting in soft purple bed with blue ball

Preparing for your new puppy

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy

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  • a girl and her father in a pet shop choosing what to buy for their pug

What to buy for a puppy or dog

Here’s what you will need to buy to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy.

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Find your nearest Puppy School

Find your nearest Puppy School here and begin your journey with us!

Riley - Superpup


What Clients say
about Puppy School

  • “Frankie was amazing, absolutely loved going every week and so did Riley. We learnt so much in such a lovely and fun atmosphere!”
    —   Jane
  • “Big compliments to Claire! The way she just understands the dogs and being able to explain that has been a game changer. Her knowledge and expertise makes her a great puppy/dog trainer. I am already recommending Claire to everyone! She loves what she does and that shows. Would recommend to everyone with a puppy :)”
    —   Emily
  • “Great experience. I’ve been to dog training classes in the past and the instructors can be very “it’s your fault”, “you’re doing it wrong” to the owners, however, Eleanor was very patient, kind, and explained things in a helpful way rather than making you feel like you were at fault. Loved these classes. Rum loved them too!”
    —   Ryan
  • “The training was invaluable in helping me to ensure Toby developed new skills as he grew into the confident, well behaved pup that he is. The training taught me how to be a successful puppy parent, and we are both looking forward to starting puppy college. ”
    —   Mary
  • “Caroline was lovely, clearly knowledgeable, very approachable and patient.”
    —   Sarah