Puppy Advice

Follow-on Classes

When your Puppy School foundation training class has finished (Puppy School classes or Older Pups classes), you may wish to continue your training journey with us by joining our follow-on classes.

Amanda Childs and puppy owners
For puppies aged 20 weeks+


SuperPup has been designed as a follow-on course that will show you fun ways to develop and utilize your puppy’s superpowers and turn chaos into confidence and calm. Improve your bond and working relationship between you and your pup, improving focus in distracting situations.
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  • Speed up those recalls. Increase focus on you on walks. With this superpower your puppy will be the fastest in the park!

  • Simple doggy workouts and body maintenance tips for your SuperPup. Important for all superheroes!

  • Teach your pup the skill of complete calmness. Sometimes stealth is required on a superhero ‘mission’!

  • Sharpen your SuperPup’s senses. Play a variety of simple nosework games. Teach your puppy to be brave and courageous!

  • On things, over things, under things. Fun ideas to improve your SuperPup’s flexibility.

  • Throughout the course, use the fun, socialisation challenges set for homework and try to become SuperPup of the Week! 

For puppies aged 20 weeks+

Puppy University

Puppy University is designed to offer our clients a structured yet fun and educational course that tackles some of the challenges of owning an adolescent dog. The recommended age for puppies attending Puppy University classes is five months old (or as soon as your puppy has finished our Puppy School course or equivalent).  Puppy University is also suitable for those owners and dogs who have not attend Puppy School but who have already secured a basic level of training. To discuss whether this course would be suitable for your puppy or dog, please get in touch with your Puppy University Tutor direct who will be able to advise you.
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What will we learn?

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The following exercises are taught at Puppy University: 

Checking in

Building up a Retrieve

Verbal markers

Life Rewards

Weekly Tricks!

Developing 'Leave'

Distance cues

Developing Loose lead walking

Developing ‘Stays’

Manners through gateways and doorways 


*Please note that not all of our Puppy School tutors run our follow-on Puppy University course. To find out which of our tutors offer this course in your local area, for course price information and info on how to book onto a Puppy University course, please see our ‘Puppy University class locator’* 


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Other options?

Many Puppy School tutors provide other Puppy School follow-on courses and further adult dog training.  Some also offer courses towards obtaining the Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Scheme qualifications or structured classes via the Pet Professional Guild.

For details of further classes your Puppy School tutor may be running, please contact them or look at their website page.

For more help on how to choose a class run by other trainers, please go to 'How to choose a good dog training class'



What Clients say
about Puppy School

  • “Alice was absolutely lovely and helped us with some issues that weren't covered in the syllabus, she was so knowledgeable about everything puppy behaviours and she taught the class well. The venue was great, there was plenty of space for each puppy and for exercises without it being too big and scary. Nelly loved attending puppy school and we learnt so much about dog training and behaviour.”
    —   Mandy
  • “We loved it! Even though Otis is a timid dog, his confidence has grown! ”
    —   Taylor
  • “We had a wide range of breeds with us and Amanda knew the traits of each so well, knowing how to approach training with them all and adapting when necessary. Amanda made it so fun for the pups and us humans! Corky and I will miss it!”
    —   David
  • “We are very grateful to Pen for helping us through a testing period with Zef, our boisterous 5-month-old labradoodle puppy, who was mouthy and jumpy and had difficulty settling.”
    —   Wendy
  • “Caroline was lovely, clearly knowledgeable, very approachable and patient.”
    —   Sarah