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Grooming a dog is important for keeping their coat in good condition, knot and dirt-free. You can groom your puppy or dog at home, or use professional dog groomers. Read our guide on dog grooming and how to find a dog groomer.

Yorkshire terrier on grooming table with groomer using scissors to trim coat

How to groom a dog

Even if you plan to use a professional dog groomer, it’s good to groom your puppy or dog at home. This helps to get rid of dead hair and dirt and prevent the build up of knots.

Dog grooming brushes

There are different types of dog grooming brushes, which are suitable for different coats:


Pin brushes

Good for getting rid of dead hair and keeping the knots and tangles at bay. They are good for dogs with long coats.


Slicker brushes

These are used for getting rid of tangles, as well as dead hair. They are good for dogs with thick or curly coats.


De-shedding brushes

These are good for dogs that moult. These brushes help to get rid of dead hair before it hits the floor or your furniture.


Grooming mitts

As well as getting rid of dead hair, grooming mitts can provide your dog with a gentle massage. Good for dogs with short hair.As well as getting rid of dead hair, grooming mitts can provide your dog with a gentle massage. Good for dogs with short hair.


Bristle brush

This brush is useful for getting rid of getting rid of dust and dirt on the top of dogs’ coats. It is also good for regular grooming for short-haired dogs. 

Puppy grooming

Spend time grooming your puppy from when you first get them. Grooming is a great way to bond with your dog. Start by brushing them gently to get them used the experience. Get them used to having their nails clipped and being bathed. If you plan to use a professional dog groomer, get them used to being dried with a hairdryer. Reward your dog when you groom them so they learn to associate being groomed with getting a treat.

When can a puppy go to the groomer?

You can take your puppy to a dog groomer after their second vaccinations. Your puppy’s first haircut is likely to be quite a scary experience. Therefore, it’s worth finding a dog groomer that offers a familiarisation or socialisation visit for young puppies.

How to find a dog groomer

Dog grooming services are not regulated by UK law. However, the British Dog Groomers’ Association (BDGA) registers dog groomers that are trained to standards set by the Pet Industry Federation. Look for local dog groomers that displays the BDGA membership logo on their website or on their premises.

You can take your dog to a grooming salon or opt for mobile dog grooming, also known as dial-a-dog wash! A mobile dog groomer comes to you, and will groom your dog in their purpose-built van. Dog grooming salons will groom your dog on their own premises.

Dog grooming prices

The cost of dog grooming vary, depending on the size of the dog and the quality of their coat. Salon prices start at around £20 for a dog wash, brush and blow dry and from about £25-30 for a bath, cut and blow dry. You can go to really go to town at the dog spa or poodle parlour. Book in for extras, including facials for your pampered pooch!

Mobile dog grooming prices tend to be slightly higher than dog grooming salons. This is because you are paying for the convenience of a dog groomer coming to you.

How to become a dog groomer

Being a dog groomer can be a rewarding career for a dog lover. You can earn around £8-£9 per hour. Get your dog grooming career off to a good start by getting the right qualifications. You can get a City & Guilds dog grooming qualification through a number of private training centres. These have been accredited by the Pet Industry Federation.

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