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How to adopt a dog

There are a number of different ways that you can adopt a dog. Start by thinking about the sort of dog you would like to give a home to and what breed or type of dog would be most suited to your lifestyle.

Adopted rescue dog looking up happily at new owner on grass

Dog rescue centres

Dog rehoming centres always have dogs available for adoption. They have often been given up by their previous owners or removed because they weren’t being looked after properly. If you decide to adopt a dog, start your search online to find a match. For national charities, try Blue CrossDogs Trust, the RSPCASSPCA or USPCA.

In most cases you will need to apply to adopt a dog and have a home visit. This is to make sure that you and your chosen dog are right for each other.

Private dog rehoming

Some people advertise on classified websites to find a new home for their dog. Make sure you ask lots of questions if you decide to get a dog this way. Visit a dog in their existing home to see how they behave and interact with their existing owners. Consider your own safety if you are going to the house of someone you don’t know.

Breed rescue

If you are looking for a specific breed but would like to rescue a dog, try one of the breed societies. The Kennel Club has a database of breed rescue societies where you could start your search. If you are looking for a cross-breed, you could try the The Cockapoo Club of GB or the Doodle Trust.

Rescue dogs from abroad

A growing number of people have chosen to adopt a dog from abroad. These tend to be street dogs from countries such as Greece, Romania or Spain – countries with high stray dog populations. Some dogs that have been used to living on the streets may find a long journey to the UK stressful. They may also find it hard to adjust to living in a home. Think carefully about whether you have the time and experience to take in a dog like this.

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