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SuperPup Classes

When your Puppy School training class has finished, or if your puppy is too old to attend Puppy School classes, you may wish to join our SuperPup classes.

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Our Classes

Do you want a SuperPup?

SuperPup has been designed as a follow-on course that will show you fun ways to develop and utilize your puppy’s superpowers and turn chaos into confidence and calm. Improve your bond and working relationship between you and your pup, improving focus in distracting situations.
  • Learn how to bring out your puppy’s inner superhero with Puppy School’s ‘SuperPup programme’.
  • Take your puppy's boundless energy and develop it into superskills for life!
  • From sidekick to superhero is just 6 weeks!
Our Classes

What SuperPup classes cover

  • Super speed
  • Super Speed
    Super Speed
    Speed up those recalls. Increase focus on you on walks. With this superpower your puppy will be the fastest in the park!
  • Super Strength and Fitness
    Super Strength and Fitness
    Simple doggy workouts and body maintenance tips for your SuperPup. Important for all superheroes!
  • Super Stealth and Stillness
    Super Stealth and Stillness
    Teach your pup the skill of complete calmness. Sometimes stealth is required on a superhero ‘mission’!
  • Watching train
  • Super Senses
    Super Senses
    Sharpen your SuperPup's senses. Play a variety of simple nose work games. Teach your puppy to be brave and courageous!
  • Super Flexibility
    Super Flexibility
    On things, over things, under things. Fun ideas to improve your SuperPup's flexibility
  • Mission of the Week
    Mission of the Week
    Thoughout the course, use the fun, socialisation challenges set for homework and try to become SuperPup of the Week!
Wrapped up in our fun SuperPup programme, there are serious training exercises such as getting fingertip control at doorways, perfecting ‘loose lead work’, useful tricks, and loads more to keep those developing brains ticking over. These fun exercises will build on lessons that you learnt in Puppy School and will help you to develop your pup’s skills through a series of clever yet easy challenges. Structured practice for all essential training skills to help you to keep up with your puppy training into adolescence and beyond!

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Get in touch and find out more about our Super Pup Classes

Book a SuperPup course by clicking on the button below to find your local tutor page. If they have a class ready to book, there will be a SuperPup booking button. If not, get in touch with them direct to find out when their next class will be.

The recommended age for puppies attending SuperPup classes is five months old or older. Puppies can join as soon as they have finished the Puppy School course or equivalent. If your puppy has not been to Puppy School classes, please contact your local tutor as you may need a phone assessment and possibly some catch-up 1-2-1 lessons to bring you up to speed before the course.


What Clients say
about Puppy School

  • “Rocket and I enjoyed every class and Cat was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was fab watching her interact with each dog, and be able to show owners what was possible, no matter what temperament of dog. Fantastic to watch and great tips given as we went along trying the new skills. ”
    —   Andrea
  • “I wanted to share my gratitude towards my puppy school tutor in Chichester, Louise Williamson. She has really gone above and beyond to help me giving me lots of support, advice and positive encouragement.”
    —   Emma
  • “Caroline is an excellent trainer. She is knowledgeable, friendly and very patient, never judgemental. Teg and I enjoyed the classes very much.”
    —   Andrew
  • “We loved the training sessions ! Boyce loved seeing his puppy friends and the training really helped give us a bit of confidence with lots of support offered. ”
    —   Terry
  • “Caroline was lovely, clearly knowledgeable, very approachable and patient.”
    —   Sarah