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    I have always had a passion for animals, specifically for dogs and how to improve the quality of life for them and their families. Following extensive training, I knew that helping other new dog owners was my key goal in life and so began Puppy School Hollywood.
    I share my life with my husband, my two dogs, and a cat. My dogs are Nanuk, an Alaskan Malamute and Nala, a Sieberian Husky, and our ginger moggy. My love of sled dogs was born through Ski Holidays in Canada and although an interesting choice of breed for a novice owner, I was determined to learn as much as I could. Through Nanuk, I got to understand the special bond that dogs and training can give to owners, creating the heart & soul of a home. Our home. We then had the privilege of adopting Nala into our family and offering her a forever home. An experience that has taught me so much and fuelled my desire to learn, share and help others. The Puppy School principals and training have helped both dogs become well mannered, sociable and beautifully behaved dogs. We even have the luxury of being able to walk them off lead.
    This opportunity allows me to meet so many incredible dogs and their owners and to help improve the understanding of one another along the way. I am a total advocate of reward based training and continue to be amazed by the success that this brings.
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    Classes are held at Woodrush Rugby Club, Icknield Street, Forhill, Birmingham B38 0EL on Mondays at 6.00pm.
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