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    Growing up, I was dog and pony mad and some of my earliest memories were of visiting neighbours who bred Labradors, and helping them out (probably getting in the way!) and then badgering my parents for a dog of my own.

    That first puppy was Shep, a Border Collie cross, who grew up with me. Since then I have always had a Border Collie in my life whenever my lifestyle allowed it. Currently, we have number five, Brodie at home. He and I went to Puppy School classes when he was 11 weeks old, which is how I found out about the organisation. I was so impressed that, a couple of years later, I enrolled on the Puppy School Tutor training programme.

    At about the same time that I became interested in training to be Puppy School tutor, I also became actively involved as a speaker for Canine Partners, an amazing organisation that trains assistance dogs to help people with disabilities to enjoy a greater independence and a better quality of life. Working with this wonderful charity and seeing at first hand what dogs and their owners can achieve together helped to further inspire me to get involved in training puppies and their owners..

    I've spent much of my pre Puppy School life in jobs in the voluntary sector in work that involved training people, and it was always the part of my professional work that I most enjoyed. So, when I decided on a change of direction, becoming a Puppy School Tutor meant I could combine two passions - dogs and training.

    As a tutor I love being able to to help owners to teach their puppies using only kind, reward based methods. I run Puppy School classes throughout the year and follow on Puppy University classes 3 or 4 times a year for those who want to continue their training journey.
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    Classes will be held at Ide Hill Villlage Hall, Ide Hill, Kent TN14 6JG. Please contact me for more information on dates and times and to book a place.
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