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    I am pleased to be offering online Puppy School classes whilst COVID-19 keeps us locked down. Train your puppy remotely and safely from your home with clear techniques and demonstration videos plus a personal teaching and coaching approach. It's a difficult time at the moment your Puppy School Tutors are here to help!

    I have been training and working with dogs since 1996. I’ve trained a variety of breeds including German Shephers (GSD), Husky/GSD cross, Rottie/GSD cross, Spaniels, a Sproker and a Westie in obedience, tracking and searching.

    My Westie, Mollie, is trained as a Pets as Therapy dog. Inheriting a previous dog with major issues was the reason I became involved with Puppy School. Had he had proper socialisation with people, dogs and environmental stimuli, I'm sure he would not have suffered the trauma of everyday life as he got older.

    Dogs can be the best friends in the world especially when "educated" properly. Puppy School is all about educating dogs and owners and the result is a happy, socialised family pet that the whole family can enjoy.
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    Classes are held at Holy Innocents Church Hall, Stourport Road, Kidderminster and Great Witley Village Hall, Worcester Road, Great Witley. Please contact me for further information and to book a place.
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    Holy Innocents Church Hall,
    Stourport Road,
    DY11 6LA
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    DY11 6LA
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    Great Witley Village Hall
    Worcester Road
    Great Witley
    WR6 6HR
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    Great Witley
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    WR6 6HR