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    07789 887929
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    I am pleased to be offering online Puppy School classes whilst COVID-19 keeps us locked down. Train your puppy remotely and safely from your home with clear techniques and demonstration videos plus a personal teaching and coaching approach. It's a difficult time at the moment your Puppy School Tutors are here to help!

    I live in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire with my husband, two children and two Pointers, Bramble and Moss.
    I have been running puppy classes for eight years and have trained over 2,000 puppies in that time.

    I am passionate about what I do and am a real advocate of reward-based training. My team and I are very proud of our classes and we'd love to invite you along to have a look at what we do.

    We offer free puppy socialisation walks to all Puppy School clients, to help you get the most out of your time training with us.
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    Classes are held at the Wheatpieces Community Centre, Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury on Sundays with Rachel.

    Our Churchdown classes are held on a Tuesday, run by Kim Hawley and Jacki Clifford, both fully trained Puppy School tutors (Kim is also a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council).

    On Monday evenings, Sue Thane (also a fully qualified Puppy School tutor) runs a range of classes in Forthampton, just a few miles from Tewkesbury.

    Rachel Butler is a member of the APDT (UK) no 01326
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    GL20 7SP
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    Churchdown Methodist Church Hall,
    Chapel Hay Lane, Churchdown,
    GL3 2ET
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    GL3 2ET
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    Forthampton Village Hall,
    School Lane,
    GL19 4QB
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    GL19 4QB