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Group Photo Conference 2024


Become a Puppy School tutor, and help us change the world, one puppy, one family at a time!

Join us at our "Become a Tutor Discovery Zoom" on 2nd August 2024, 7 pm, for an hour of getting to know all about Puppy School and how our training process works from 4 long-standing and experienced Puppy School tutors (Gwen Bailey, Nicole Harris, Catherine Tomlinson and Sarah Smith).  

Come along and see what's involved.  All welcome!

Zoom Link for 2nd Aug

Next course starts 31st August 2024 (last chance until Autumn 2025)

School is so much more than just a puppy trainers course - it is a whole community ready to support you and help you to learn.  We offer a comprehensive training package comprising a total of approximately 295 hours of cpd learning (65 hours of tuition, plus 230 hours of self-guided learning).  You will find all you need to know about becoming a Puppy School tutor in the pages below. If you would like to join us, please click here for our online application form.