Puppy School tutors hold the Puppy School Tutors certificate which enables them to run a Puppy School franchise in their allocated territory. They will be responsible for running their own business, with full training and backup support provided by Puppy School Head Office.

The cost of the training course to become a Puppy School tutor is £1,450.

Our training course to become a Puppy School tutor comprises nine days of top quality training; three days of practical training and six days of theory training, covering a range of topics from animal learning and puppy behaviour to dealing with the media and even managing people. All aspects of running a small business are covered, allowing new tutors to feel confident about progressing with their own Puppy School classes.

Puppy School tutors also benefit from sponsorship deals, two free three-day animal behaviour courses hosted by Gwen Bailey per year for the first three years as well as workshop and networking events, not forgetting our exclusive Puppy School conference. Find out more here

For those applicants who would like to join us but may struggle to find the funds, a limited number of scholarships are available. Please click here for more information.

In addition to the training fee, tutors agree to pay 20% of all course bookings to Puppy School in the form of their franchise fee.  This payment is taken at the time of booking, via the Puppy School central booking system, with the tutor receiving the remaining 80% of the booking fee.

Branded goods such as longlines as well as books to sell are available for purchase from Puppy School at trade prices.

How much can tutors earn?

Puppy School tutors set their own fees for classes (minimum of £60 for a six week course) with guidance given during their initial training course on what fee to choose and why.

The amount of money you can make as a Puppy School tutor depends upon several different things including the fee that you charge to clients, the cost of your hall, the number of puppies you take into a course (maximum of 8 puppies per course) and the goods which you choose to sell during your classes.

As an example, if you run two classes per week with 8 puppies per course in a hall costing £12 per hour and you charge £72 per puppy, per course:


8 pups per session = £96


Hall fee = £12

Puppy School franchise fee = £19.20

Treats = provided free by Natures Menu

Total income per session = £64.20. If you double this up for the two classes, you can reasonably expect to make £128.40 per week based upon the figures in this example.  Additional income can be earned by selling goods in classes.  The profit made on these items can be anything from £10 per week.

(NB you will need to allow for other annual expenses such as insurance)


"I run anything up to five classes per week, alongside a busy day job and a young family. I make around £58 pre-tax profit per one-hour lesson, which makes a huge difference to our monthly household income. It's lovely to have another source of income that can be used for little luxuries like an extra holiday, as well as helping to pay for those annoying unplanned expenses that arise from time to time. Puppy School has changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone!"

Rachel Butler, Puppy School Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester.