There are many advantages associated with being a Puppy School tutors or associate tutor (associate tutors have the full Puppy School training but run classes under the territory umbrella of a full tutor). These include:

  • Dedicated Support and Advice During Training, Setup and Running Classes
  • Exclusive access to Intranet and Private Facebook Forum
  • Exclusive Hands-on Training During Puppy School Practical Handling Courses
  • Exclusive Courses and Opportunities for Further Education:
    • APBC/ABTC-led Behaviour Training Courses
    • CPD Courses and Workshops with External Speakers
    • Puppy School Conference
    • Local Workshops and Networking
    • Puppy University (follow-on) Courses
  • Animal Trainer Instructor Membership with the Animal Behaviour Training Council
  • Exclusive Partnership Deals with Supply Companies
  • Sponsorship by Natures Menu

Above: Some of our tutors attending a Chirag Patel’s two-day workshop

Above: Some of our tutors attending Chirag Patel's two day workshop

Dedicated Support and Advice During Training, Setup and Running Classes

All tutors and associate tutors are assigned a Regional Manager who will guide and support them throughout their correspondence course, set up, and subsequently during any issues encountered when classes begin. Regional managers are experienced tutors themselves and are always on hand for any further advice and guidance. Regional teams meet often throughout the year for fun social events as well as to grouping together for exciting local positive dog training workshops and seminars.

Exclusive Access to Intranet and Private Facebook Forum

Further information is available to help with smooth running of classes via our intranet platform accessible only to Puppy School tutors and associate tutors. All the files and information needed to run puppy training classes will be found there, as well as ‘Puppypedia’, a collection of useful answers on a whole range of subjects relevant to puppy training from our tutors and associate tutors.

In addition, a private and dedicated Facebook forum is a vibrant and informative way to keep up to date with what’s going on in the puppy training world, and place to seek and read advice on a host of questions that come up in the course of people’s work within Puppy School. The collective wisdom of up to a 150 people who are deeply involved in the world of dog training and behaviour is a great resource, as well as being a fun, friendly place to gather support, ask questions, celebrate successes or post videos and photos.

We also have two sister private forums, Puppy School Fun Tricks Forum and the Puppy School Book Club for those deeply interested in extra fun training or discussing behaviour and training books.

Exclusive Hands-on Training During Puppy School Practical Handling Courses

As part of the Puppy School tutor training, tutors are required to attend a three-day practical handling course. During the time, tutors will teach pet dogs (puppies and young adult dogs) the exercises from the syllabus and also spend some time coaching the dogs’ owners- this ensures that tutors can successfully train both people and dogs before venturing into the world of running puppy training classes.

Although this is a compulsory element of the Puppy School tutor training, it is an exclusive opportunity to work under the supervision of experienced Puppy School tutors to gain valuable training and behaviour experience.

Exclusive Courses and Opportunities for Further Education

“I love all the workshops and training events that I can attend within Puppy School, there's always something new to sign up to and get involved in. We are invited to attend a free 3-day behaviour course twice a year for the first three years of running classes and these are so helpful when you're just getting started in the business.  In an industry like dog training, it's important to keep up to date with what is going on, and Puppy School helps me to do this."

Kim Hawley, Puppy School Tewkesbury

Access to APBC/ABTC-led Behaviour Training Courses

All established tutors are offered two free three-day animal behaviour courses per year for the first three years. These courses are taught by Nicole Harris, BA (Hons), PGDip CABC, Lauren Watts, BSc (Hons) MRes and Gwen Bailey BSc (Hons), who are all members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) and ABTC Clinical Behaviourists

Working with the latest science-based knowledge, our behavioural courses cover all subjects necessary to provide tutors with a comprehensive knowledge for solving behaviour problems in puppies.

"The Puppy School behaviour courses are invaluable to me. The chance to grab a host of gems from listening to the presentations, group discussions, watching others work their dogs and sharing ideas is just so important for my own development. I particularly enjoyed the live case study, hearing how information can be both gathered and delivered so succinctly was great. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Continued Professional Development Courses

Puppy School runs at least two CPD courses each year, exclusively for tutors and associate tutors, where external speakers or internal speakers with a specialist knowledge are invited to give talks or workshops on their speciality.

Workshops and events for 2016/2017/2018 included:

  1. TAGteach with Gillian Cross
  2. Helen Phillips gundog training
  3. A two-day workshop with renowned trainer and behaviourist Chirag Patel
  4. Freestyle and trick training with Kim Lyddon
  5. Kamal Fernandez (scheduled for 2019)

Exclusive Puppy School Conference

The Puppy School conference (offered at a heavily subsidised cost to tutors and associate tutors thanks to sponsorship from Natures Menu) is run every two years and is a fun-packed weekend event where we attend a range of workshops, try out new dog sports and have a chance to catch up with other tutors over a BBQ and drinks. It is a real family affair and it is always a much-anticipated event in the Puppy School diary. Our pet dogs are also very welcome to attend and often outnumber the people!

Puppy School’s 2018 Conference offered an array of seminars and workshops including:

  • 'Play as Learning, Learning as Play' with Kay Lawrence
  • 'The Scent Gym' with Rob Hewings
  • 'Flying Dogs!' with Mike Simmons
  • 'Top of the Class' with Kay Atwood

Local Workshops and Networking

Puppy School tutors and associate tutors have access to a national network of other tutors and we aim to regularly run events and workshops in your local area. These are great opportunities to meet like-minded people and learn new skills; many events allow you to bring along your own dog to take part in the training.

Above: Some of our tutors attending a clicker gundog workshop with Helen Phillips

PupUni Logo

Puppy University (follow-on) Courses

Puppy School tutors are able to continue their training with us to become Puppy University tutors and teach the university syllabus.

Puppy University is designed as a follow-on course and will tackle many of the training challenges that owners face with their puppies as they head towards adolescence, as well as further developing their training techniques and skills. Full training includes a week of practical handling at a rescue shelter.

Animal Trainer Instructor Membership with the Animal Behaviour Training Council

Animal trainer instructor logoPuppy School is delighted to be recognised as a Practitioner Organisation for the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

The ABTC is the regulatory body that represents animal trainers and animal behaviour therapists to both the public and to legislative bodies. It is the only animal welfare charity that is primarily concerned with protecting the psychological welfare of animals undergoing training and behaviour activities.

Tutors and associate tutors who are actively running classes are able to take our assessment to join the ABTC register and become a recognised Animal Training Instructor.

Exclusive Partnership Deals with Supply Companies

Puppy School tutors have exclusive trade accounts deals with Tug-E-Nuff in which tutors receive great trade prices as well as complimentary demonstrative toys for classes.

Puppy School is also able to obtain benefits such as discount off events such as the Woof Conference, and other such educational events.

Sponsorship by Natures Menu

Puppy School is delighted to be sponsored by Natures Menu, who have been creating 100% real wholesome food for pets for over 35 years.

As a tutor in this partnership, you will be entitled to many fantastic benefits. All Puppy School clients receive a Puppy School manual and a £15 off voucher direct to their door free of charge. Please note, this £15 off voucher redeemable from either OR  (orders over £30.00 is required on either site for the voucher to be valid - minimum order of £39 required for free delivery). 

As a tutor and as an associate tutor, you will be entitled to 25% off RRP on all Natures Menu products from 

With every £15 off voucher your client redeems, £5.00 worth of credit is awarded to tutor's Natures Menu tutor account allowing you purchase sale stock or stock up on goodies for your own dog (please note, credit accumulation is only available to full tutors and not associate tutors).

On top of all this, Natures Menu will further support you as they allocate two packets of treats per puppy to give to your clients and to use in your classes.

These benefits, both for tutors and clients are fantastic and will undoubtedly help to make your business an attractive option for new puppy owners.

Puppy School Leaflets and books
“Natures Menu are very proud to be sponsors of Puppy School. We have long been supporters of positive training techniques and strongly believe there’s no better place to start off on the right paw with your pup. Puppy School tutors have a wealth of information on behaviour and training and can help you choose which of our products may be the best option for your puppy. Natures Menu offer a bespoke Puppy School goodie box to all new sign-ups which contains lots of delicious free samples, money off vouchers and your all-important Puppy School Manual, so sign up today and begin your puppy training adventures!”

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager RVN Dip. Animal Nutrition Ass.Mem. CBC Member of the BVNA