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Puppy School is delighted to be supported by Natures Menu, who have been creating 100% real wholesome food for pets for over 35 years.

Our relationship with Natures Menu means that we can offer a range of benefits to clients joining our puppy classes, including a free Puppy School manual, free treat samples and a voucher for clients to spend on Natures Menu products.

"Positive training and good nutrition go paw in hand, which is why Natures Menu are extremely proud to be supporting Puppy School. As part of our mission to improve the lives of pets across the country through a healthy, balanced diet, Natures Menu are delighted to be the recommended sponsor for puppies by this like-minded organisation"

Dawn Spiby, Marketing Director, Natures Menu.

Natures Menu offers a range of products to help your puppy to start off on the right paw. Their food ranges, made with naturally wholesome ingredients, are gentle on the stomach and easily digested by your growing puppy. To find out more about feeding your puppy the natural way, visit www.naturesmenu.co.uk or ask your Puppy School tutor for more information.

Alex and Scout’s diary

Scout is a young Cockapoo puppy owned by Leeds Puppy School tutor, Alex Smith and her family, including older Cockapoo, Tig. Alex updated about the trials and tribulations of life with a new puppy over the first few weeks, as Scout settled into her new family:

Week One – Scout arrives home! She is great in the car and not sick (phew!)

The breeder sent her home with some freebies including the puppy food that she had been using. Like a good owner, I keep her on her usual diet for a couple of days. On day three, we got Natures Menu puppy nuggets from our forward-thinking vet and we were off! Scout LOVED them – knocking past me to get her dish and gulping it down. She started on one meal of nuggets a day (out of three), and the old food was soon beaten to second place.

Scout has also discovered the delights of the Natures Menu treats – we are getting through quite a few in the process of getting her to stop biting us, hanging off trousers and so on, but it’s going well, and she has mastered sit and lie down already!

We are already working on Scout’s socialisation, carrying her outdoors in our arms every day to let her experience the sights and sounds of everyday life. We are taking things slowly, so as not to overwhelm her but we know that it’s so important to get her started so we’ve popped to the local pet store and had a look at the fish, we’ve stood at the end of the road at school drop-off time and watched children walk by. Oh and we’ve already seen the neighbourhood cats, which Scout finds fascinating.

Looking forwarding to getting to know her over the next few weeks, but it’s safe to say that she’s already a much-loved member of our family……“

Week Two – “back for another instalment of life with little Scout the Cockapoo, who is now nearly 10 weeks old and growing bigger by the day!

week 2

This week we have been continuing to work hard on socialisation – lots of short trips out in the car and she’s been coming to the park to watch the other dogs, meet people and watch the children playing on the playground equipment. She’s getting heavy already! She’s put on nearly a kilo this week – so I have bought a baby sling to carry her around in – we get a LOT of attention! We went to the vet for her first vaccinations which she thought was great fun due to the level of attention (and treats!) received!

Our vets are just brilliant. They are a big supporter of raw feeding and, luckily for me and Scout, carry a big stock of Natures Menu food so we will never run out! Next week, we are going back to the vet for our first puppy party! Can’t wait!

Through a process of swapping meals gradually, we are now on three meals of puppy nuggets a day. A big order came from Natures Menu this week, so we have duck necks and chicken wings to try when she is 10 weeks as well as Puppy Superfood nuggets, plus some Junior Pouches for those – ‘oops I’ve forgotten to defrost the puppy’s food’ days!”

Week Three – “at 10 weeks, Scout is ready to tackle her first raw meaty bones!

Presented with a chicken wing, she sniffed it warily, then picked it up, carted it into the garden and spent a good half an hour chomping through it. Then she went to sleep for about an hour and a half! Result! Two days later she demolished a duck neck with the same gusto. I’m amazed how those tiny teeth crunch through the bone - am very glad she is getting better at not play biting at our fingers!

Scout went to her very first puppy party at the vets this week. She was a little bit wary of the rough and tumble play with the bigger breed puppies, so she watched from the safety of our laps and then played nicely with a little Chihuahua pup that was very worried about the whole thing. We were very proud puppy parents that she was so gentle, given how lively she is at home! If we go to three puppy parties we get a certificate - going to the vets for these is good learning for her and also helps her to think of the vets as a fun place to go and not just where you get big nasty needles stuck in you!

Scout is also learning more about being on her own at home, as I have to go back to work. She stays in her crate when I’m out and is fine to be left for a couple of hours now having spent the last week or so gradually getting her used to being alone. We haven’t quite cracked the house training yet, and she still needs to be let out regularly, so we have a puppy visit from a dog walker on the mornings I work. he comes and lets Scout out to play for half an hour. Am beginning to think Scout’s social life is better than mine!”

Week Four – “this week, Scout has been learning about horses

week 4

we live near a stable yard and we have been to say hello to the horses every day this week. She started off being a bit worried and not wanting to be close to them, but we have been giving her lots of fuss and treats when we see them and yesterday she sniffed one on the nose! They are quite big and scary and make funny snorty noises, but she seems to be very at ease with them now. We regularly walk through horse fields on our walks, so this is all good practice so that she knows not to chase or bark at them when she’s older.

We’ve also been practising walking nicely on the lead, which goes quite well until it gets really windy and there are lots of leaves and things blowing past to chase! We need to keep practising where its quiet and distraction free, and since she is not yet fully vaccinated, well away from places where other dogs go. We have been doing lots of playing in the garden when it’s dry – Scout loves chasing and tugging toys, and it’s a great way to use up her mental and physical energy.

House training is going well, although we seem to be outside more than we are in! We are trying to make sure she is successful in going outside every time, and the only accidents now seem to be when my husband is in charge! We are going on holiday in two weeks, staying in a caravan, so we need to try really hard to get the message through before then –fingers crossed!”