Sponsorship by Natures Menu

Puppy School are delighted to be sponsored by Natures Menu, who have been creating 100% real wholesome food for pets for over 35 years.

As a tutor in this partnership, you will be entitled to many fantastic benefits which include:

A detailed Puppy School manual sent out to your clients free of charge. This manual will tell your clients what to expect from our classes as well as giving extra information on training and what to practise after each class.

Your clients will also receive free treat samples, free food trials and vouchers in their Nature’s Menu Puppy Box. This box is sent direct from Natures Menu right to your client’s door. This is a very generous offer as all goods are worth over £35.00!

As a tutor and as an associate tutor, you will be entitled to 25% off RRP on all Natures Menu products from www.naturesmenu.co.uk 

With every voucher your client redeems, £5.00 worth of credit is awarded to your Natures Menu tutor account allowing you purchase sale stock or stock up on goodies for your own dog.

On top of all this, Nature’s Menu will further support you as they allocate two packets of treats per puppy to give to your clients and to use in your classes.

These benefits, both for tutors and clients are fantastic and will undoubtedly help to make your business an attractive option for new puppy owners.

Puppy sitting Natures Menu Box
Puppy School Leaflets and books
“Natures Menu are very proud to be sponsors of Puppy School. We have long been supporters of positive training techniques and strongly believe there’s no better place to start off on the right paw with your pup. Puppy School tutors have a wealth of information on behaviour and training and can help you choose which of our products may be the best option for your puppy. Natures Menu offer a bespoke Puppy School goodie box to all new sign-ups which contains lots of delicious free samples, money off vouchers and your all-important Puppy School Manual, so sign up today and begin your puppy training adventures!”

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager RVN Dip. Animal Nutrition Ass.Mem. CBC Member of the BVNA

Access to dog behaviour training

All established tutors are offered two free three-day animal behaviour courses per year for the first three years. These courses are taught by Gwen Bailey along with other experienced Puppy School tutors, and cover all subjects necessary to provide tutors with a comprehensive knowledge for solving behaviour problems in puppies.

Workshops and networking

Puppy School tutors have access to a national network of other tutors and we regularly run events and workshops which you can attend. These are great opportunities to meet like-minded people and learn new skills; many events allow you to bring along your own dog to take part in the training.

Workshops and events for 2016/2017 include,

Above: Some of our tutors attending a clicker gundog workshop with Helen Phillips
  • Helen Philips gundog training
  • TAGteach with Gillian Cross
  • A two day workshop with Chirag Patel
  • Freestyle and trick training with Kim Lyddon

Exclusive Puppy School Conference

The Puppy School conference is run every two years and is a fun packed weekend event where we attend a range of workshops, try out new dog sports and have a chance to catch up with other tutors over a BBQ and drinks. It is a real family affair and it is always a much anticipated event in the Puppy School diary. Our pet dogs are also very welcome to attend and they often out-number the tutors who attend!

“I love all the workshops and training events that I can attend, there's always something new to sign up to and get involved in. We are invited to attend a free 3-day behaviour course twice a year for the first three years of running classes and these are so helpful when you're just getting started in the business.  In an industry like dog training, it's important to keep up to date with what is going on, and Puppy School helps me to do this."

Claire Hordle, Puppy School Newbury and Wantage.